Issues Monitoring & Summaries

What’s happening to your bill?
Legislation can be like the weather – a placid lake becomes choppy in minutes, even seconds after an unexpected wind arrives. So, too, a bill that appears innocuous can attract unexpected controversy at a hearing and undergo substantial amendments.
Whether it’s attending a hearing, conducting research or making phone calls, AMSquared LLC can be there to keep track of what is happening and advise you of potential concerns or roadblocks.
What does the bill do? 
 Knowing what a proposed bill or regulation really does and explaining it to others in clear and simple terms are key parts of lobbying that can take precious time.
Let AMSquared help.  Ann Marie’s experience writing Fiscal and Policy Notes for the Maryland legislature and covering congressional hearings as a reporter means she can deliver concise, accurate summaries of the issue at hand, saving you time and helping you educate others.

Contact Ann Marie today at or (443) 995-5598 for a free consultation on how she can help you with your issues monitoring or summaries.