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Your Time is Important.

So is your credibility and bottom line, which means everything with your organization’s name on it has to be right.  AMSquared LLC can help you save time and elevate the profile of your firm or organization with creative content, a thoroughly researched report, or a valuable member resource. 

AMSquared owner Ann Marie Maloney has over 20 years of experience in communications and public policy that she can put to work for you.

Contact AMSquared today if you need an expert to:

  • create content for your organization that attracts attention
  • analyze and summarize laws and regulations
  • develop resources your members will love
  • communicate with stakeholders
  • synthesize and edit complex information to make it reader-friendly
  • conduct in-depth research

Ann Marie’s extensive portfolio encompasses digital and traditional media so whether it’s blogs, reports, issue briefs, e-mail blasts, brochures, video scripts or newsletter articles you need, she can deliver.

Commended for being flexible, creative, organized and easy to work with, Ann Marie can help make project completion a smooth experience.

AMSquared LLC is certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a small, woman-owned business.

Ann Marie began her career as an award-winning local news reporter and later advised lawmakers as a senior policy analyst for the Maryland legislature. She also led the development and marketing of a resource toolkit for the American Institute of CPAs, generating 30+% increases in usage of those resources.

In her spare time, Ann Marie serves as communications director for the Virginia chapter of the American Planning Association and as a member of the IEDC’s Higher Education Advisory Committee. She also loves to explore the world, as well as towns and cities in the U.S.

Why People Recommend Working with Ann Marie:

“She is extremely adept at adapting her writing; her ability to be so versatile while never compromising effectiveness.”  — Victoria Barron, colleague at MD Department of Legislative Services “Ann Marie is excellent to work with – she gave me exactly what I needed and met my deadlines, with time to spare.” — Ellen Valentino, Executive Vice President, MD-DE-DC Beverage Association

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